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Thanks for the help with the driver.
As I promised attached is a picture of an end-table  I made.
It is black walnut, with a black walnut inlay.
The contrast is the different grain structures of the different cuts of wood, and different tree sources. I finished it with Odies Oil treatment.

One thing I wanted to point out is that the intersections of the inlay to the base wood is almost invisible. This can only be the result and testimony of the accuracy of the machine.

Thanks again for the support and technical advise you have offered and helped me through learning curves. I have had my 26x26 for more than 6 years and still working as good as it did the first time I used it.

North Canton, Ohio
New V4 Pilot Pro CNC Router
New V3 5 Prime CNC Router
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I can't tell you where this piece of furniture is, or who it's for, but you can make an educated guess based off the logo engraved in the front panel using your machine. We're doing a bunch of these. The panels are removable and interchangeable so many companies (and now government offices) are purchasing them. Thanks again!
HUMMING BIRD - by Garald