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Pilot Pro CNC Routers and Projects

Technical Specifications:

Ball Screws on X, Y, and Z. The gantry is driven with dual drive -
This prevents racking and doubles the power.

* Preloaded Ball nuts with minimum backlash <0.015mm (0.0006").
* Repeatability is better than 0.050/300mm (0.002/12").
* Resolution is .0001 inch.
* Rapids about 110 inches/minute.
* 4 High torque stepper motors.
* Preloaded Axial bearings

Standard Industrial Linear Slides and Bearings

* Sealed Linear Ball Bearings.
* Durable and Rigid.
* Smooth sliding.
* 4 Linear Bearings per Axis
* Low Maintenance and Long Lasting.

Energy Chains.

* Wires drop in from the top.
* Maintains high flex heavy 16 gauge wires.

Router / Cutter Options.

* Most Routers will mount.
* Use a Mill Head, Plasma Torch, Laser, Extruder, Etc.

Frame Construction.

* Made with 6061 Aircraft Aluminum.
* CNC Machined parts.
* Surface Milled on Bearing Faces.
* Engineered 8020 Extrusions, clear anodized.

PC Requirements.

* Any PC running Windows. Speed is not required.
* Parallel, serial, or USB port.
* Minimal Memory Required.

Mill / Drill / Cut Material.

* Non-Ferrous Metals.
* Plastics.
* Foam.
* Woods.
* Circuit Board.
* Steel, Stone, Glass, Vinyl, Etc.

So Well Designed it will last for years.
So Well Designed it's Copied by Others.
Get the Original - Get the Best -
Get the Pilot Pro CNC router!


The Pilot Pro 1220
  with optional 4th axis

About 15 min runtime
Drawing from Vector Art 3D
Code generated by Vector Art 3D machinist. This is a free program and highly recommended.

Pilot Pro Sign
about 2-1/2 min
Drawing from Font,
Code generated by Aspire.
Done by Greg - Thanks.

There is a free program for V caving called
F-Engrave and highly recommended.

Milling Aluminum Parts
About 20 min
Drawing done in TurboCAD
Code generated by CamBam
Very smooth finish!

3 airplane panels cut out of 2024T3 aircraft aluminum with the Pilot Pro CNC. What can you make with your Pilot Pro CNC?

1220 CNC router with 4th axis